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The World is on Fire...

by Sund Kobayashi |  | 4 comments

The World Is Our Field of Practice


The world is on fire (literally and figuratively). And we are clearly under the influence of many sources of fire - racial injustice, climate change, COVID-19, economic recession from COVID-19 and increasing trend of fascism around the world. In the middle of it, we need to work for sustaining our life and take care of our loved ones, including ourselves.

We feel exhausted. Physically. Mentally. And Emotionally. Most of these may show up as "burnout" symptoms. Rest is obviously important so we take time off. And we feel somewhat better during time away from work. Yet the familiar symptoms of burnout emerge again shortly. Slightly better with time off, but we feel worse again back to work.

I am not saying time off doesn't matter - it does. Physical rest matters so much. But the effect of time off is momentary and we fall back into the fatigue and exhaustion again. When this continues, we burn out.

What do we do then?

Train our mind - little by little, everyday: Simply put, it's building a habit of our mind so that we can sustain ourselves with the sense of resting when we need. Like we go for a run or do a training at home for our physical health, we gotta grow muscles on our mind with healthy mind habits. Join us with 30-Day Mindful Meditation Challenge. Let's practice to grow the muscle of mindfulness and compassion together.
We cannot have a healed society, we cannot have change, we cannot have justice, if we do not reclaim and repair the human spirit, if we don’t do inner work that has been underemphasized. That we have not trained ourselves to do the work that is upon us now....and we haven’t, for good reason, from a particular perspective. To do our work, to come into deep knowing of who we are — that’s the stuff that bringing down systems of oppression is made of. And so capitalism in its current form couldn’t survive. Patriarchy couldn’t survive. White supremacy couldn’t survive if enough of us set about the work of reclaiming the human spirit, which includes reclaiming the sense of humanity of the people that are the current vehicles for those very forms of oppression. (angel Kyodo Williams, Zen priest, activist, and teacher)

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